BankOnIP Announces New Intellectual Property Offering: CHIP3

September 24 23:48 2018

Stilwell, KS – Sep 24, 2018 – BankOnIP, a leading intellectual property broker, announced today the CHIP3™. The CHIP3™ provides detailed information about an equipped animal’s body temperature and gait, which helps the pet owner to address deviations before they pose more serious problems to the animal. It helps avoid injuries and even death to a pet. This implanted GPS-type tracking system syncs with the owner’s smartphone to provide this information along with the exact location of the animal in case it wanders off or is stolen.

  • Saves heartbreak and money when lost or stolen pets are recovered
  • Tracks the location, temperature and gait of the pet
  • Alerts the pet owner of animal’s body temperature, helping them to address deviations before they pose more serious problems to the animal
  • Helps avoid injuries and even death of the animal
  • May be used with a variety of animals including dogs, cats, horses and other household pets and live stock
  • Enhances the safety of animals
  • Programmed to send a signal to an accompanying electronic device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) in the event of a deviation in location, temperature or gait, that could lead to a problem

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