Equestrian Expert Lilly Ankeney-Fox of Ankeney Equine Training Recommends Saddlebrook for a Great Read

January 27 17:42 2023

Lilly Ankeney-Fox, owning and running Ankeney Equine Training says, “I mainly specialize in KP rehabilitation and problematic horses within Colorado and some surrounding states. I really appreciate what Saddlebrook is about, I can really tell that Kaz (Kasdyn Click – Author of Saddlebrook) put his heart into this book including some of his real life experiences. Personally, I believe that those real life experiences bring alive an important dream most ladies and gentlemen in the equine world daydream about. Being built off those daydreams, I’ve been honored to live that dream as I’ve made it into my reality. Like Isabella; one of the main characters in Saddlebrook; I understand her drive for achievement.”

Pictured below is Lilly of Ankeney Equine Training

“The internal dream and reality of personal connection with Isabella really caught my eye when I first heard of Saddlebrook. The drama unraveling itself within the book is something you want to be a part of, both its difficulties and success.. Saddlebroook is a book I’d highly recommend for any romance and/or horse enthusiast.”
– Lilly Ankeney-Fox, Ankeney Equine Training of Colorado, Email: [email protected]

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